Anna Nicole Smith Is "Deceased"

February 8, 2007 By:
Anna Nicole Smith Is

Hollyscoop has just learned that Anna Nicole's baby is still in the Bahamas because if she brought her to the states she knew she would be taken away. We currently don't know whom the child is with.

There's no official word on the cause of death, but several sources suspect that it is drug related.

More details coming soon....

Update: "I can confirm that she is deceased. It's as shocking to me as to you guys," Smith's attorney, Ronald Rale, told Reuters. "I don't know anything further. [Her lawyer and husband] Howard [K. Stern], obviously, is speechless and grieving."

Smith was staying at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Florida when workers were called to the room at 1:38 p.m. Fire Trucks arrived minutes later and Smith was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood at 2:10 p.m. She was said to be unresponsive.

There's so many question left unanswered that we're wondering about. At least now we'll find out who the real baby daddy is. Is Dannielynn going to get all the money Anna Nicole won from her late marriage from J. Howard Marshall? If Larry Birkhead is the baby daddy does he get all the money?? So many questions!