Anna Nicole Smith: An Exclusive Look Inside Her Life

February 8, 2008 By:
Anna Nicole Smith: An Exclusive Look Inside Her Life

It was exactly one year ago that Anna Nicole Smith passed away leaving behind a legacy full of unpredictable antics and a tumultuous life. Now her two best friends Pol Atteu and Patrik have come forward and want to introduce the “real” Anna that no one knew in their new book, "Anna Nicole Smith Portrait of an Icon."

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with the authors, they explained to us that this is a memoir to their good friend featuring never before published candid photos of Anna in her most personal moments, coupled with new details about some of her deepest darkest secrets. The scoop on Anna’s private thoughts on Larry Birkhead, Howard K. Stern, Howard Marshall II and as they call it her “monster” mother Virgie Arthur.

The book entails the final days of Anna and her reactions when her son Daniel died stating, “It’s not fair. I can’t believe he’s gone. What did I do? Why does God hate me so much?"

On Anna confiding her decision on why she would marry Howard:

"She was starting a new chapter in her life and that Howard was 'the one.' She said that if she couldn’t be with J. Howard Marshall ll because he was in heaven, then she’d take the second Howard."

The book also touches the topic of the Daniel’s burial site. Anna said to Pol and Patrik: “I have to bury Daniel where we can all be together. I want to be next to Daniel, there needs to be a plot for Howard (K. Stern) and Dannielynn, and I want Howard Marshall’s ashes to be in with me.” Anna had also mentioned that her new home was the Bahamas since Daniel was buried there.

In regards to what Anna would think about what has unfolded after her death, Pol and Patrik responded, “I think ANS always controlled everything, every aspect of her life, she has something to do with all that unfolded."

Pol and Patrik mentioned that Howard K Stern and Larry Birkhead don’t want the book to be released. When we asked why, Pol mentioned, “they are afraid of the unknown.” To purchase the book log on to .