Anna Nicole: Crack Ho or Gold Digger??

February 28, 2006 By:

Anna Nicole is one determined gold digger, she wont give up her bid to inherit her late husbands $1.6 billion dollar fortune. She is taking her case to the Supreme Court to collect her crack money riches. Her ex-husband oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II wed Anna Nicole in 1994 when he was 89 and she was 26 (Hmm…not obvious at all!). The walking corpse died only after 1 year of marriage (convenient for Anna obviously). That year alone he gave Anna $6.6 million dollars worth of gifts, including 2 homes, $2.8 million in jewelry and $700k in ho clothes.

I mean really, what else can you ask for?? She was a trashy topless dancer in Texas, $2.8 million in jewelry is more then trash ever deserves in a lifetime!