Anna Kendrick's Mother Has a Crush on George Clooney

March 5, 2010 By:
Anna Kendrick's Mother Has a Crush on George Clooney

Up in the Air star Anna Kendrick is taking her very proud mother as her date to the Oscars this Sunday, mostly because her mother has a huge crush on George Clooney.

Kendrick, who is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Up in the Air claims her mother is more excited about meeting her heartthrob co-star than cheering her on.

She told Absolute "I'm bringing my mom and my brother. I'm really excited but my mom is even more so. All she wants to do is meet George Clooney. She's can't wait. It's all she talks about."

Well we really can't blame Mrs. Kendrick, it's George Clooney after all! And Anna is one lucky girl because she not only got a chance to shoot a movie with George, they actually became good pals.

She told Empire magazine: "During the camera test he was making fun of my hair. If it was anybody else that you'd just met, you'd be like, 'What's this guy's problem?' But it's George Clooney. Obviously, he is really intimidating as a sort of iconic figure. Really terrifying.

"Then when you meet him properly, you know you're going to feel that he's a normal guy. He is one of the most famous people on the planet, but he has a real talent for making you feel like you've known him forever."

Oscar Sunday is just a few days away, do you think Anna has what it takes to take home the statue for best supporting actress? Tell us your predictions!