Savannah Guthrie Sitting In Ann Curry's Spot On TODAY

June 29, 2012 By:
Savannah Guthrie Sitting In Ann Curry's Spot On TODAY

There’s no official word if Savannah Guthrie is replacing Ann Curry as co-host of NBC’s “TODAY” show, but if Guthrie’s smug-ass grin is any indication, it seems like Guthrie might have gotten a promotion.

Usually during the first hour of "TODAY," the show’s golden boy Matt Lauer sits next to Ann Curry and they read the day’s top headlines. It’s the most “newsy” portion of the show.

Today, Guthrie was replacing Curry in her usual morning chair.

There wasn’t a formal announcement and NBC hasn’t made anything public about who will replace Curry, but Guthrie’s name has been floating around the rumor mill for some time now.

But for those of you who weren’t crazy about Ann Curry, do you really like Savannah Guthrie that much better? Pretty sure I saw Guthrie point at a sack of flour during a cooking segment and ask “what’s that?”

Should we get a drunk Hoda Kotb in the chair? What about Ryan Seacrest? Is that rumor still happening? Can Matt Lauer co-host with another guy? Too much man power?

Also, the opening credits to the show usually introduce the show’s hosts, but this morning, that feature was omitted.

This morning, Lauer and Guthrie rattled off morning stories about the Colorado wildfires and the Supreme Court health care decision and as the show wanes on and starts to tread into “sillier” territory, the “new” hosts discussed 4th of July party decorations and enjoyed a Maroon 5 concert.