Ann Curry May Be Moving On From 'Today'

June 21, 2012 By:
Ann Curry May Be Moving On From 'Today'

It's looking like Ann Curry may be relieved of her duties as "Today" show co-host.

The New York Daily News has an article on the pending departure of Curry who has been with the show since 1997 serving as a news anchor, but has only been co-host for less than a year.

A recent dip in ratings is being cited as the reason for pending change in the starting line-up. NBC always counted on "Today" being secure in the number one spot for morning programing but has recently been ousted in favor of rival show "Good Morning America."

Robert Thompson, the founding director of Syracuse University’s Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture offers up, “The first thing you do is you look at what’s changed, what are the variables. Ann Curry as a cohost is one of the recent variables.”

Sorry Ann, you're like Drake to Lil' Wayne at this point, you're costing these people money.

One possible issue here is Curry's seeming "lack of chemistry" with Matt Lauer. And after just re-upping his contract for a 25 million dollar a year paycheck, Matt's not going anywhere.

Curry replaced Meredith Vieira who had a five year run in the role, but willingly left her post to spend more time with her family. Katie Couric also previously held the job, but quit to move on to bigger things, that actually turned out to be quite a bit smaller.

There's speculation about a possible other opening for Curry as a foreign correspondent for the show, as she is a qualified hard reporter… which is still a pretty cool job, but obviously a demotion.

Good luck Ann.