Is Angus T. Jones Getting Fired From TAHM?

November 27, 2012 By:
Is Angus T. Jones Getting Fired From TAHM?

After “Two and a Half Men” star Angus T. Jones went on an anti-TAHM rant in a religious video where Angus gushed over his newfound faith and in the same breath denounced the show that made him a millionaire, calling TAHM “filth,” the teen actor’s fate on the popular sitcom is unclear.

Sources have told TMZ that prior to Angus’ video rant against the show, where he basically said, “Don’t watch TAHM, it’s filth,” show producers had NO IDEA their “half man” so hated their show that much.

Basically, Angus is pulling a Charlie minus the coke habit. Charlie publicly denounced the TAHM show creator Chuck Lorre back in 2011, yet he was still starring on the show.

Well, this is exactly what Angus is doing.

Angus is expected to show up for a rehearsal this morning and ALL of the executives at TAHM and at Warner Bros have ALL seen Angus’ video. In the video, Angus says he “doesn’t want to be on ‘Two And A Half Men’ anymore,” so we’ll find out just how much he really doesn’t want to be on the show once he has a talking-to with the men in suits who make the decisions.

However, as of this moment, he hasn’t been fired…yet.

And if he doesn't get fired, he may get laid off. Word around town is that this may be the last season of TAHM.

Have we mentioned that Angus makes $350,000 per episode? Yeah, he calls the show “filth,” the same show that pays for his fancy car and mansion and is the reason he’s one of the highest paid teen stars on television.

Your move, TAHM.