Angus T. Jones' Controversial Church Leader Speaks Out

November 27, 2012 By:
Angus T. Jones' Controversial Church Leader Speaks Out

You probably know by now, but Angus T. Jones (aka the “half man” on “Two and a Half Men”) is slamming the show that made him a millionaire, calling it “filth,” because he loves Jesus and doesn’t want to be on the show anymore.

Angus made these bold statements against TAHM (he also said he doesn’t want to be on the show anymore) in a religious video series called “The Forerunner Chronicles,” (you can watch below) which is helmed by controversial Seventh-day Adventist pastor Christopher Hudson.

Hollyscoop talked to Hudson, who has apparently gotten very close with Angus since his religious rebirth, who told us that it’s only a matter of time before Angus announces he’s officially leaving the show.

“Pretty sure a statement from Angus will be happening shortly,” the pastor told us, “I can not make an assumption on his behalf -- BUT can say that Angus has a STRONG belief in Jesus Christ and the Holy scripture -- he believes we are in the last days, Jesus Christ is coming and he wants to be walking with the Lord.”

Translation: Jesus is coming for the end-of-days and will only take those to heaven who believe in the Lord. Apparently watching TAHM will NOT get you into heaven.

When we asked what Hudson thought about Angus denouncing the show that pays him $350,000 PER EPISODE and made him the highest paid child star, he speculated, “He has been on the show since he was 4 -- this revelation has come 10 years later, he is a very level headed 19 year old.”

That’s actually not true, Angus joined the show when he was 9, but whatever, it’s still a long time. I think Hudson is trying to say that Angus has changed his mind over the years.

This is a far cry from the Angus we knew less than a year ago who said he had no problems with the show even in the turmoil after Charlie Sheen left.

“We're just going along, I'm just along for the ride, I'm not going to complain about anything so we'll see what happens,” Angus told Hollyscoop.

Oh how the tables (bibles?) have turned.