Vatican Calling for Boycott of Angels & Demons

March 27, 2009 By:
Vatican Calling for Boycott of Angels & Demons

The Vatican is reportedly calling for a boycott of Tom Hanks’ prequel to The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons.

The film, based on the novel by Dan Brown is set to open in theaters worldwide on May 15th. And the official Vatican newspaper Avvenire says in its latest edition that the church “cannot apprive” of the film.

In addition, Italian newspaper La Stampa reports that the Vatican will soon be calling on all Catholics to boycott the movie. That’s a large order! But in the same article, Archbishop Velasio De Paolis says he worries that calling for a boycott will draw more attention to the film.

The reason the Vatican is so upset is because the movie portrays Hanks’ character on a mission to save the Vatican from being destroyed by a canister of anti-matter.

This isn’t the first time Hanks has upset the Church with this film. Last summer, the Vatican banned the filmmakers from entering the Holy See or any church in Rome. A key scene set inside the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria had to be filmed on a soundstage.

The Catholic Church was also infuriated by The Da Vinci Code, which suggested that Jesus may have been secretly married to Mary Magdalene. However, their disapproval had little effect on box office takings and The Da Vinci Code went on to gross $757 million worldwide.

We’ll have to see if the Vatican will go through with the boycott. But we think it’ll have little effect on the film. We’re so excited to see the prequel! Whether you’re offended or not as a Catholic, you have to admit that it’s an enthralling subject matter.