Watch the New 'Maleficent' Trailer Starring Angelina Jolie's Cheekbones

January 20, 2014 By:
Watch the New 'Maleficent' Trailer Starring Angelina Jolie's Cheekbones
Image By: YouTube

In case you were a sleeping beauty all weekend and you're just now rolling out from under a rock, a second Maleficent trailer has hit the net.

The trailer for this retelling of everyone’s favorite Disney villain (non-negotiable, she is everyone's favorite) contains more plot, more magic, but most importantly, more of Angelina Jolie’s covetable cheekbones, because they're amazing and in a category all their own.


Just look at them.


For those of you who are obviously blind, here they are again:


They’re practically breaking through your computer screen right now.

No, your desktop doesn’t have 3D capabilities—those are just Angie’s cheeks.


They’re just like her Tomb Raider cheekbones.


Expect incredible things from these cheekbones.


Just look at the way they catch the light.


There are LEVELS to these cheekbones, honey.


And bitch, they will cut you!


Watch the full trailer here: