Top Ten Homewreckers

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Top Ten Homewreckers

What ever happened to integrity? Fame has become attainable for anyone willing to sell out. In today’s world, sex tapes can guarantee you a career, robbery can get you a show on E!, and being a mistress can get you a lot of dough.

This is the example we are setting for the generation to come—our celeb-obsessed culture rewards women for their promiscuity.

Jesse James Got Mistress Pregnant

Maybe this is a trend that’s never been out of style. In Greek mythology, there’s the story of Helen of Troy, known as “the face that launched a thousand ships,” not to mention causing the Trojan war!

Cleopatra went down in history with her love affairs with Caesar and Marc Antony. No one could forget Anne Boleyn, who made King Henry VIII get a divorce in the 16th century, at a time when it was taboo. Duchess of Windsor Wallis Simpson took it a step further by forcing Edward VIII to abdicate the throne in 1936.

Elin Nordegren Leaves Tiger

Now to some more modern-day homewreckers. Here’s Hollyscoop’s top ten women who have made headlines for their steamy affairs.

10) Maria Belen Shapur: This Argentinean woman was outed as South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s mistress this past year. Sanford had disappeared to Buenos Aires to be with Shapur, but claimed to be hiking the Appalachian Trail. He was outed, and is now divorced. Shapur still lives in Argentina.

9) Rielle Hunter: She went from being John Edwards’ campaign worker to his baby mama. She’s known as the woman who made Edwards lose his chance to ever run for president. Hey, at least he’s hotter than Mark Sanford.

8) LeAnn Rimes: While shooting Lifetime movie Northern Lights with Eddie Cibrian, the two started an affair. The two left their respective spouses, and continue shamelessly PDAing in public to this day.

7) Jamie Grubbs: Jamie used her affair with Tiger Woods to get a little press! She’s actually landed a few hosting gigs, and is constantly spotted out at Hollywood hotspots.

6) Ashley Dupre: Eliot Spitzer’s high-class hooker is now a columnist for the New York Post. Oh, and she’s an aspiring singer as well.

5) Katelyn Faber: The girl who accused Kobe Bryant of sexually assaulting her received an undisclosed amount. In layman’s terms means, retirement money! She can now own a hotel instead of running the front desk!

4) Camilla Parker: She may not have the looks of Princess Diana, but she caught the eye of Prince Charles. Rumor has it the two were intimate even when Charles was still married to Diana.

3) Michelle McGee : Michelle’s affair with Jesse James got her $30k from In Touch magazine, but a whole lot of negative press at the same time. She’s been in hiding since going public with the affair, and receives hate mail on a daily basis.

2) Rachel Uchitel: This former nightclub manager now has $10 million dollars in the bank for staying mum about her relationship with Tiger Woods. She’s also snagged herself a few hosting gigs for Extra TV and a sit-down interview with Mario Lopez.

1) Angelina Jolie: Her affair with Brad Pitt while on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith goes down as one of biggest scandals in Hollywood. Their relationship has been highly scrutinized, with several ex-employees coming forward saying it’s all for show.