Stars Whose Kids Are More Famous Than Them

June 2, 2012 By:
Stars Whose Kids Are More Famous Than Them

Have you heard of this new HBO series “Girls?” The show started with mild ratings and better than average critical reviews. But by far the most interesting thing about the production is its creator, Lena Dunham.

The 25-year-old Hollywood hot shot stars, directs, produces, and writes for the series. Before this, she caught Judd Apatow’s eye with her indie film, Tiny Furniture. But at such a young age and with such a massive credit list under her belt it would seem that Dunham is the perfect example of an overnight success that has come out of nowhere…

No necessarily.

In fact, Dunham’s mom is actually pretty renowned. Her mother is famous artist Allison Williams (which makes a butt load of sense if you happened to see the aforementioned autobiographic film).

While I am hardly questioning this girl’s talent, nor claiming that mommy pulled some strings with potential showbiz friends for the young gunner, there’s no denying the trend that kids follow in their parents’ celebrity footsteps. And some, possibly even Dunham, actually surpass mom and dad’s star power.

Here are some celebrities whose kids are more famous than them.

Donald Sutherland:

Now some of you film geeks out there might of just done a whole lot of gasping. Yes, Mr. Sutherland has been in a whole slew of films and television shows (+160 credits to be exact), including Pride & Prejudice and The Hunger Games. Yes, he’s got a face that’s pretty distinct. But could the average Joe pick him out in a lineup of 40 other old dudes… Probably not.

His son on the other hand, you might be able to pin. I say “Kiefer Sutherland” and you immediately reply “the guy from ‘24.’” It’s that simple.

Jon Voight:

Here’s a guy you’d know if you saw him, yet his name conveys little more than a plank stare. He’s the guy who’s kind of got that Christopher Walken look to him, but isn’t actually Christopher Walken. This actor does a lot of action flicks… Mission Impossible, Heat, Pearl Harbor…

Though you might not be too familiar with his life and work, we’re sure you know his impossibly famous daughter. Her name is Angelina Jolie.

Billy Ray Cyrus:

Do you remember the time when you couldn’t get through an article on Miley Cyrus without it mentioning her father… Us either!

In fact, when’s the last time we even talked about Billy? When he was ranting about “Hannah Montana” destroying his family?

Still, the guy’s a multi-platinum recording artist and a Billboard hitmaker, so we’ll give him that. Plus, he’s got 800,000 followers on Twitter. But, oh wait… Miley has nearly six million. Sorry, sir… I hope this doesn’t go breaking your achy breaky heart.

John and Jules Mann Stewart:

Kristen Stewart’s ‘rents are in the bizz too. John (not “The Daily Show” guy” ) Stewart is a producer and her mom works as a script supervisor for oddball films like xXx, Noah’s Arch: The New Beginning, and Disney’s 2002 megahit Snow Dogs…

The Twilight actress’ skyrocketing career has apparently rubbed off in a good way. Jules just scored her first directorial credit for the upcoming film K-11 about a record producer that wakes up from a drunken stupor in a homosexual section of Los Angeles County jail… Yeah, we’re not kidding.

Ernie Lively:

This actor’s been in a bunch of films… American Pie 2, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and the Tom Hanks classic Turner & Hooch.

The credits go on and on, convincing the untrained eye that this guy is just another working actor… Not famous, but not necessarily starving for work, either.

But look a little closer and you’ll discover that Ernie is actually the father of our friend Blake Lively, who we all know and love from the teen television drama “Gossip Girl.”

Caleb Deschanel:

There’s no hiding who this guy’s daughter is. Afterall… How many Deschanels do you know?

If you’re into the photography that goes into making big budget films, you may have actually heard of this guy. If not, than I might as well of completely made him up.

Actually Zoe's dad is quite a talent for his work in cinematography. He has been nominated for five Academy Awards for achievement in the field with films like The Passion of the Christ, The Patriot, and 1984’s The National.