Report: Brad and Angie at Dinner When Split Rumor Broke

January 27, 2010 By:
Report: Brad and Angie at Dinner When Split Rumor Broke

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie refuse to come forward to address the rumors that they’re splitting up, but lucky for us, everyone else is doing the talking for them.

A new source has come out of the woodwork to tell People that the power couple were actually out dining together when the story broke. "Angie and Brad were actually out to dinner together in Los Angeles when the rumor broke," says the source. "That's how ridiculous [the story] is."

Other sources say that yes, the rumor, which began via a British tabloid, is “totally false.”

We’re not sure how the news originated there in the first place, since currently Brad and Angie are staying in Los Angeles with their six children. That’s a far cry from England! In related news, Brad and Angie have reportedly decided not to attend the Oscars in March. Apparently both of them have filming schedules that will interfere.

This is what we find a little sketchy. Brad is a part of a huge movie right now—Inglorious Basterds—and it’s odd that he wouldn’t want to attend even one award show this season. Even if he went solo! We’re sure Quentin Tarantino and the rest of the cast and crew want him to be at the biggest night in Hollywood, especially since their film is likely to be nominated.

As usual, we can’t get a read on these two. But at least Jennifer Aniston can get excited about attending the Academy Awards this year!