Raunchy Photos of Angelina Jolie Published

July 28, 2010 By:
Raunchy Photos of Angelina Jolie Published

Every couple of years a magazine will get their hands on raunchy photos of Angelina Jolie. They'll publish the photos and we're all supposed to be shocked by them.

This week Star magazine has Angie and Brad on the cover and claims to have photos that are going to "tear them apart."
There are 8 raunchy photos, which were reportedly taken in 1999, that show Angie with black tape over her nipples and a dog leash around her neck.

Star's sources claim the photos were taken during a 14-hour drug binge. Oddly enough it looks like a photoshoot because her makeup and hair are impeccable.

Angelina has already admitted to using drugs in the past. She told USA today in a recent interview, "There's certainly a side of me that isn't completely... sane. Or completely 'even' all the time. We all have our dark sides."

This is a woman that once wore her husband blood around her neck. Are we really supposed to be shocked by the photos?