Photos: Angelina Jolie Rocks The Horns On Set of 'Maleficent'

June 20, 2012 By:
Photos: Angelina Jolie Rocks The Horns On Set of 'Maleficent'

What’s Angelina Jolie been doing lately? Oh, not much. Just hanging out with a bunch of cattle in a field…as she shoots her latest film for Disney Studios.

Maleficent is a role that seems built for the Angelina Jolie. Movie artwork was released this week with the actress in costume. Today, we have some more photos of Angie on set to tease and tantalize you.

Draped in a long, dark cloak the actress struts her Gothic self in an overgrown pasture. At her feet are cattle of various shapes and sizes. Many of them sport horns to match the pure evil goddess. She holds her traditional wooden staff.

Jarring us quickly back into reality is the evidence of a film production in the background. Tents, luxury vehicles, trucks, crew and cameras all loom close by, making Jolie seem like your average crazy person playing dress up by herself.

In one shot, a production staff member holds and umbrella, shielding Angelina from the sun. Even with all the modern day life nearby, she holds her stone-faced stare, never breaking character.

To catch you all up on the life and times of Maleficent, the evil wench from Sleeping Beauty, is the baddest of bad of the Disney villains. Following in the tracks of Snow White and the Huntsman, Maleficent aims to re-envision the tale, offering fans a backstory to her life.

If you are familiar with the original cartoon take on the evil queen, then the choice for Angelina to play the live action version is certainly a no brainer. (If nothing else, for those cheekbones.)

Partnering up on screen with Jolie to play Princess Aurora – aka Sleeping Beauty – is the rapid up-and-comer Elle Fanning.

Production has only just begun on the film. Maleficent is scheduled for a 2014 release date.