Octuplet Mom Says She's Not Trying To Be Angelina Jolie

February 11, 2009 By:
Octuplet Mom Says She's Not Trying To Be Angelina Jolie

From far far away (and we mean, really far), Nadya Suleman could get mistaken for Angelina Jolie. They both have dark hair, big pouty lips, and massive broods of kids!

Nadya is the woman from California who just gave birth to octuplets, which has subsequently thrown her directly into the public eye.

The woman already had six children prior to giving birth to the octuplets, leaving her now with 14 children. And to make matters stranger, she’s a single mom, and always has been. Most people’s first question is, “How can she afford to have that many kids?”

And the truth of the matter is, she can’t! Unlike Brangelina, who is known for jet-setting with their child army all over the world, Nadya is going to have a tough time even getting to the grocery store. Is there a car out there that holds 14 carseats?

Not only that, but Nadya is currently living on food stamps. But she plans on fixing all of that when she finishes her master’s degree in counseling.

Nadya insists she didn’t go through in vitro to have her children for fame. Her publicist says, "She's not even interested in that right now. It's funny and sad in a way, there's a lot of people saying really negative things and they don't know her."

As for the Angelina comparison, Nadya says she was unaware of the comparisons being made. She told Ann Curry in last night’s Dateline interview, "I have never even thought of Angelina Jolie, except the last time I saw a movie. I think that was like years ago. This is so far away from the place I'm in right now, to think of any celebrity."

In short, Nadya thinks nothing of bringing 8 more children into this world of financial crisis, including her own battle with money right now. She told Ann Curry, "I personally do not believe I'm irresponsible. Everything I do revolves around my children."

Thankfully, Nadya isn’t planning on popping out any more kids. She told Ann last night that she was done. "A hundred percent. Two hundred, three hundred, four hundred percent. Yes. I'm done.”

What’s your take on this Angelina wannabe? Is she entitled to have as many children as she wants, especially in her financial state? Or should she expect the public to look down upon someone with no income who intends to care for all 14 of her children?