New Brangelina Baby Pictures Worth $10 Million

March 27, 2008 By:
New Brangelina Baby Pictures Worth $10 Million

Holy cow! Who needs to work in Hollywood when you can just pimp out kids and make a fortune? Selling baby photos has become such a lucrative business that having a child is actually an investment--especially if you’re having twins!

Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie each got under $2 million for their exclusive baby pictures, while J.Lo snagged a whooping $6 million. If you thought $6 million for baby pictures was outrageous, reports suggest that Angelina Jolie, who is rumored to be having twins, could fetch up to $10 million for her baby photos!

"It's become big business now," said National Enquirer Executive Editor Barry Levine. "It's outrageous, they've gotten very sophisticated. The rights are bought up now even before the celeb enters the hospital. They hire extra security so it's impossible to obtain a photo illegally."

If Brangelina really does demand up to $10 million for exclusive photos, we all know 100% of that is going to charity, so more power to them! J.Lo probably spent 75% of her $6 million on customized Cavalli everything. Seriously, she gave birth in a Cavalli dress!