Jon Voight's Favorite Job: Grandpa to Angie's Kids

May 18, 2010 By:
Jon Voight's Favorite Job: Grandpa to Angie's Kids

Jon Voight is ecstatic that he's gotten back into the good graces of his daughter Angelina Jolie because he finally gets to be a grandfather to her six children.

After years of estrangement, Jon and Angelina reunited in Venice, Italy in February, and Jon couldn’t be more thrilled about being back in their lives.

“Every stage in your life has delights, thank God. And also dramas,” Jon told Hollyscoop at the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time movie premiere in Hollywood on Monday.

“Oh my gosh being a grandfather is the most wonderful thing, it really is,” he added with a smile.

Jon Happy to Be Reunited With Angelina

When asked when he’s going to see his many grandchildren again, he said, “I hope to see them soon.”

So who opened up the lines of communication between them? “We did together,” said Jon. It was clear that this once outspoken man is now trying to remain as private about his daughter as possible, which is why he simply replied “I don’t know,” when asked if his famous daughter plans to adopt again.

Angie cut Jon out of her life after he made a comment about her mental well being when she adopted little Maddox from Cambodia in 2001.

It's nice to see he and Angie finally able to reconnect after all these years. They may always have their differences, but it's important for the children to know their grandfather. We're sure they love him!