Jon Voight to Re-Release Angelina's First Movie

June 29, 2009 By:
Jon Voight to Re-Release Angelina's First Movie

The first movie Angelina Jolie was ever in is going to be released on DVD. Angie’s estranged father Jon Voight, who was an actor, writer and producer on the film, helped to re-release a newly-edited version of the movie.

Angie was only five years old when she made her big-screen debut on Lookin’ To Get Out, playing the daughter of Voight. But the movie flopped at the box office the first time around.

After the release, director Hal Ashby had the film re-edited before his death in 1988. Voight tells the New York Post, "Hal was working on two other films at the time (of the movie's release), and there was a lot of drama. Our film was handed over to other editors, and the result was a crippled movie. We were very hurt by the reception."

"I was a co-writer and co-producer, so I had a lot to say about the casting... Angie was terrific, very well-prepared. I wasn't looking for any signs whether she'd be an actress... Hal's hand is in every single frame. Finally, this is the film he intended. It's like a message in a bottle."

We wonder if Angie supports this decision of the movie being re-released. We can’t wait to see her acting chops at age five! The film will be released on DVD tomorrow.