Jane Seymour To Angelina: Put On Some Weight!

July 9, 2008 By:
Jane Seymour To Angelina: Put On Some Weight!

Jane Seymour clearly is in the dark about Angelina Jolie being full term in her pregnancy, because she wants the poor girl to put on weight.

She tells Ok! Magazine, "My advice to her is to put some weight on. I think she needs to keep putting on weight so she can feed those babies. I don't think she should think twice. She hasn't put on enough weight."

Jane bases this advice on her own experience giving birth to twins. "I nearly died having the twins. I had preclampsia, which is toxemia, and I had to have an emergency C-section and I almost lost my life. So my advice to her is to listen to your doctors and if they say bed rest and they say blood pressure cuff every hour and they say whatever medication they say, you should take it very seriously."

It's nice that Jane is concerned, but she doesn't need to scare Angie! Not everyone has complications during their pregnancies, and if Angelina was in trouble, we're sure her extensive team of doctors is experienced enough to deal with it!