From Kim Kardashian's Flour Bomb to Angelina Jolie's Leg: Weirdest Red Carpet Moments

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From Kim Kardashian's Flour Bomb to Angelina Jolie's Leg: Weirdest Red Carpet Moments

Ahh, the red carpet. It’s a time for celebrities to put on their prettiest Armani Privé dress, walk slowly down a red carpet and look pretty. However, there are times when some weird stuff goes down on the red carpet. From Kim Kardashian’s flour bomb to Nicki Minaj walking with The Pope at the Grammys, these are the weirdest red carpet moments.

Sacha Baron Cohen spills ashes on Ryan Seacrest: For some reason they let Sacha Baron Cohen through the velvet ropes at this years 2012 Oscars, knowing full well that he must have something up his sleeve. Anyways, Cohen came dressed as his new film character, “The Director” and in a totally unplanned moment spilled what he said were Kim Jong-il’s “ashes” onto Ryan Seacrest. Besides the fact that this was totally lol-worthy, it sucked for Ryan’s suit and for the rest of his red-carpet interviews who were like “omigod what is all that white stuff!”

Kim K’s Flour Bomb: I think Sacha Baron Cohen takes the cake for “spilling stuff on the red carpet” but at the launch of Kim K’s fragrance launch last week, some random woman threw a bag of flour on Kim from behind the red carpet ropes and yelled “Fur Hag” at the reality star. Too bad everyone knows this event was totally planned for PR by the Kardashian Klan, I mean, why haven’t we seen the woman’s face on any footage from the event? Who let her on the red carpet? Why is her name spelled Jonathan Cheban? You know?

Angelina Jolie’s leg: At the 2012 Oscars, Angelina strutted her right leg out of her black velvet gown making herself look like a first time stripper. Hey boys, my name is candy and I like $5 bills. Angelina’s leg thrust was such a big deal it sent the internet into meme heaven, creating a twitter account specifically for Jolie’s leg and starting a phrase called “jolieing” which is when you put one hand on your hip and throw your leg as far away from your hips as possible.

Lady Gaga’s Egg: When Lady Gaga arrived to the 2011 Grammy’s; she was carried in on a translucent egg that she hatched out of during her performance. You’ve heard this story before, yada yada, so we were expecting craziness at the 2012 Grammys and since there’s hardly anything crazier than an egg arrival, she didn’t walk the red carpet at all.

Nicki Minaj takes the Pope to the Grammys: At this years Grammys, since Gaga wasn’t there to do anything ridiculous, she passed the crazy baton onto Nicki Minaj. Nicki walked the carpet dressed like a cross between a nun and Lil Red Riding Hood, but the weirdo moment was that Nicki walked the carpet with a very authentic looking pope impersonator.

South Park creators dress in drag: This one is a throwback, but back at the 2000 Oscars the Southpark creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker dressed in drag. Matt was dressed as Jennifer Lopez in the plunging green Versace gown and Trey was dressed in a pink dress that Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the Oscars the year before. Oh also, the dudes were high on acid.