Dr. Drew to Angelina Jolie: Sorry About That

December 22, 2010 By:
Dr. Drew to Angelina Jolie: Sorry About That

Insert foot here. Dr. Drew regrets calling Angelina Jolie a heroin addict because well...she's not.

Earlier this week Dr. Drew said he was sure Brad and Angie were going to have a "nuclear" split mostly because she's a "heroin addict" and Brad was super insensitive about his divorce from Jennifer Aniston.

Dr. Drew: Angelina and Brad Headed Towards Nuclear Split

But now he regrets his comments saying, “These comments were taken completely out of context (and) they were never meant to be printed."

“I do not know Brad or Angelina (and) I certainly don’t want to be saying things that could be perceived as hurtful for them, or harmful for them in any way. I’m deeply concerned and apologetic and apologize for these comments that were taken out of context.”

Dr. Drew is pretty reputable but maybe he needs to stop making public statements about people he's never treated. Just a thought Doc.