Details on Angelina's $250,000 Engagement Ring

April 15, 2012 By:
Details on Angelina's $250,000 Engagement Ring

Detail number one: for her, this ring could double as a belt for Angelina Jolie.

I kid, I kid. Right now isn’t the time for skinny jokes, I know. We’ll save them for after the wedding. Or another two weeks, whichever comes first.

Jewelry expert Michael O’Connor has checked out the ring and is dishing the speculative details to Us Weekly.

"Emerald cut diamonds have fewer facets so they don't have the sparkle of other cuts, but that also means that they need to be the best quality,” O’Connor says. Angelina was photographed wearing the ring at a private art viewing at LACMA on Wednesday.


“The light returned from a diamond like this is pure and white,” he continued. “Since Brad and Angelina always choose elements that are deep and emotional (i.e. her coordinate tattoos), it’s no doubt that Brad chose a platinum setting to symbolize a love that will never fade.”

Plus, it’s pretty.

O’Connor added: “This ring will become a piece of heirloom jewelry.”
Yeah, yeah, heirlooms and memories and all that. How much is that massive rock worth?


“I would estimate this ring to cost $250,000,” O’Connor reveals. That’s a quarter of a million. In case your math skills are off.

The man behind the design is Robert Procop. He and Jolie collaborated on a line of jewelry in 2011, auctioning the pieces off for charity. He also designed the famous necklace she wore in the ‘Tourist’ movie. Angelina and Brad have also donned the jewels on the red carpet. Pitt wore diamond buttons, cufflinks and a ring from Procop to the 2012 Oscars earlier this year.