Celebs Whose Exes Are More Famous Than Them Now

August 25, 2012 By:
Celebs Whose Exes Are More Famous Than Them Now

You know that thing when a really famous person dates a not-as-famous person and then they break up and because of the split the not-as-famous one in the relationship is somehow catapulted to fame by association? From Angelina Jolie to Jessica Simpson, these are the exes that are now more famous that their former famous partners.

Angelina Jolie: Back when Angelina Jolie married Billy Bob Thornton in 2000 he was a household name and Angelina was just that crazy b-tch from “Girl, Interrupted.” They were only married for three years but somehow Angelina came out of it crazy famous and Billy Bob slinked back into near obscurity.

Jenny McCarthy: Jenny McCarthy’s fame ebbs and flows but her ex partner Jim Carrey was THE most famous comedian for most of the ‘90s. Now he rarely makes good movies but Jenny McCarthy still regularly ends up in the tabloids for waltzing around in bikinis and endorsing vodka, or whatever.

Demi Lovato: Back when Demi Lovato was just a teen icon and not known outside the 12-14 year-old demographic she dated Joe Jonas, the most famous person in the 12-14 year-old demographic at the time. Cut to today and Joe Jonas has a stalled solo music career and Demi is a judge on “The X Factor.” Who’s more famous now? You be the judge.

Katie Holmes: This one is a close call. When Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise she was “just” a TV actress and Tom Cruise was a biggest movie star than as he is now. Now that Katie has divorced Tom, she can’t go anywhere without it turning into a tabloid story. “Katie goes to the store,” “Katie holds Suri,” “Katie wears a dress and looks directly into the sun” are all tabloid headlines. She’s not even that great of an actress but she’s quite possibly more famous than her ex now...at least for now.

Jessica Simpson: Back when Jessica Simpson married Nick Lachey she was a pretty hot pop star, but she was young and had only been in the public eye for a hot second and Nick Lachey was living at the height of his 98 degrees celebrity and was definitely closet to being at Justin Timberlake levels of fame. Now, Jessica Simpson has an empire worth almost a billion dollars. What is Nick Lackey up to?