Brangelina Plan Trip to Ethiopia

November 11, 2008 By:
Brangelina Plan Trip to Ethiopia

Humanitarians Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are planning on taking their 6 kids to Ethiopia soon to teach them how to help people in a Third World country.

Jolie says, "They'll (the children) be in Ethiopia in a few weeks and they won't have everything they have here, so we show them different worlds."

She adds, "They help buy candy and shoes and water, then take it to the local people, hang out and talk to the kids. They see that the world isn't balanced. Instead of preaching to them, we're showing them and hope that sinks in - and they'll find in themselves a desire to help strike a balance."

This is the reason people can't get enough of Brangelina. They're not only the most fascinating actors in the biz, but they're actually making a difference in the world. Wonder if their kids will grow up to be philanthropists like them?