Brad's Parents Moving in With Him and Angelina

February 21, 2011 By:
Brad's Parents Moving in With Him and Angelina

Brad Pitt's parents are moving in with him and Angelina Jolie! Now that's the Pitts.

Brad is reportedly building an apartment on the grounds of their new massive Chateau Miraval estate in France to accommodate Bill and Jane Pitt, who are moving in to help with their six kids. Don't they already have like 95 nannies?

A source told The Sun newspaper: “The whole family is going to move there as soon as the renovations are done. At the moment they have six nannies – one for each of the kids – and the plan is to get rid of the helpers and rely on Bill and Jane. The annex they will live in is an old building, which used to be used as a dovecote.

"It's big enough to have a sitting room, kitchen and a couple of bedrooms. It will make a lovely little cottage for them."

Apparently Brad and Angie finally came to their senses and realized that dragging all six kids around the world non stop is probably not a good idea. They want the kids to stay in one country long enough to actually go to school and make friends.

And with six children under the age of 10, you can't blame Brad and Angelina for taking all the help they can get. Can I move in too? With all the live in help you have, you won't even notice me. I’ll try not to stalk Brad. Just try.