Brad Pitt Says Life is Too Short to Fight with Angelina Jolie

August 4, 2009 By:
Brad Pitt Says Life is Too Short to Fight with Angelina Jolie

It's hard to walk down the magazine isle at the grocery store without reading headlines about Brad Pitt walking out on Angelina Jolie, or vise versa.

Every week the couple is on the cover of a tabloid making headlines about fights, cheating scandals, or a new pregnancy rumor. But they never address any of the rumors, because quite frankly, they're just too busy.

But Brad has finally had enough of the "fight" rumors and addressed them to Britain's Reveal magazine. He said, "The thing I am more aware of now is the passing of time. I don't want to waste any of it, so we don't waste time arguing between us.

"I don't know whether I have one day, 10 days, 10 years or another 44 years, so I don't want to spend a moment on pettiness or bitterness. I want to be in the company of those who I really love - it might be chaos, but it gives me joy."

Brad and Angie have successful careers and six children to keep them busy. If there was any time left for anything, we're sure they're just trying to catch up on sleep!

Speaking of sleep, Brad has been hinting at retirement lately. He says, "I think acting is a younger man's game. There are fewer interesting parts for older people and we all get older. But I feel like I've done it. I've kind of had my time and that's quite freeing.

"There are still acting dreams left but I'll do them first and then we'll talk about them."

Between both their incomes, they certainly have enough money to retire! Do you think it's too early for Brad to retire?