Brad Pitt Not a Fan of Masculine Angelina

August 17, 2010 By:
Brad Pitt Not a Fan of Masculine Angelina

Angelina Jolie had a lot of masculine scenes in her latest movie Salt where was barely recognizable and she admits that her man Brad Pitt was not a fan.

He must like his women feminine because Angie admits that he wouldn't even come close to kiss her because he was not digging the look.

“Maddox was freaked out. I invited him to come and say hi to me and I didn’t tell him who I was. He came down shook my hand and hung out with me for a while and then I said, ‘Mad’ and he screamed, ‘Mom!’. He totally freaked out. And Brad couldn’t even kiss me,” Angelina told BANG Showbiz at the London premiere of Salt

Angie was also asked if she was considering more babies, because you know, 6 is not enough. She said, “Oh I don’t know, but I’m open to it,” which translates to hell no!