Brad and Angelina 'Married' 9 Times Already

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Brad and Angelina 'Married' 9 Times Already
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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are reportedly getting married at the end of May. I’m sure exactly zero people believe this, but here are the details in case you care.

“Brad will be in Cannes with Angelina and the kids [in May] to promote, ‘World War Z.’ He has also blocked out a couple of weeks in his work schedule afterwards, which has made his friends even more certain.”

Wait, he blocked out time in his schedule? That’s the wedding tip-off? Uggh, he’s probably just going on vacation.  This is JUST like all the millions of other wedding rumors surrounding Angie and Brad over the years. Speaking of…

If tabloids were fact, Brad and Angie would be on their 9th marriage. 

March 2006: Brad and Angie got married at George Clooney’s place on Lake Como. Mind you this was just two months after they confirmed their relationship. George himself shot down the rumors. SORRYYY.

December 2006: Later that same year, they were reportedly planning a low-key wedding in South Africa with attendees including Oprah and Madonna. Are they even friends?

March 2008: The wedding rumors cooled down for nearly two years until they “got married” in New Orleans. Star magazine later retracted the story as false. 

January 2009: Angelina accidently called Brad her “husband” at a film premiere, of course this meant they got hitched!

December 2010: Brad and Angie were secretly hitched in an “intimate beach ceremony” at some tropical resort. Have these two ever traveled ANYWHERE tropical? Exactly.

July 2011: Apparently these two were planning a summer wedding in France. Summer came and went and they were still unmarried.

August 2012: Because their last “summer wedding” never happened, local French television stations claimed that a wedding was happening currently at their mansion in France.

December 2012: Barely a month ago, these two reportedly got hitched on Christmas in Turks & Caicos. Today’s rumor of a May wedding inadvertently ended that Christmas day wedding gossip.