Brad and Angelina Are Just Like Us

November 24, 2008 By:
Brad and Angelina Are Just Like Us

Brad Pitt got some criticism from the media over his recent appearance on Oprah where he bragged that he and Angelina Jolie were very hands on with the kids.

Some critics claimed that the nannies did all the work, but sources
for Page Six say otherwise. A spy at the Ocean Club in the Bahamas spotted the Pitt-Jolie Brood and told the paper: "They were so adorable with their kids. Brad and Angelina spent a lot of time in their private villa but would take the four kids out of the room to play."

Since the new twins are still too young to play, the source added, "they spent lots of time with the older kids doing arts-and-crafts projects and playing on the playground. It was a great picture." Aww, how cute to see that they really are one big happy family.