Brad and Angelina Already Married?

January 7, 2009 By:
Brad and Angelina Already Married?

Could Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie already be married? We've heard the wedding bell rumors a dozen times, but what if they're already secretly married and we've been left in the dark?

Brad's 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' co-star Taraji Henson talked to Hollyscoop at the Palm Springs International Film Festival about Angie and "her husband" Brad and what a great family they are. She even offered to babysit the kids!

In regards to babysitting the Jolie/Pitt clan, she said: "Absolutely. I’ve already told Angie. And my mom did too. She’ll be the play grandmother and I’ll be the surrogate mother," Taraji told Hollyscoop exclusively.

"I already told your husband [I'd babysit]," Taraji said she told Angie at the Los Angeles movie premiere. After she realized what she said, she paused and added, "Life partner" then repeated, "husband."

Trying to lighten the subject, Taraji then shifted gears to the success of 'Benjamin Button' and Brad's Golden Globe nomination. "I think he should win it; he was incredible in the film."

Would Hollywood’s most famous couple tie the knot without magazine and press coverage? They claim to be a private couple, but as of late, the story of every major occurrence in their life has been sold to the tabloids.

Maybe they decided their marriage was too sacred for that? When you're a major celebrity like Brangelina, nothing stays hidden for too long.