Brad and Angelina: A History of Marriage Rumors

July 14, 2011 By:
Brad and Angelina: A History of Marriage Rumors

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are the subject of wedding rumors every year or so.

Lately they sparked marriage rumors when NY legalized same sex marriage and Brad made some off hand comment about getting married if their kids started asking about it. So for the past month or so, there’s a new wedding rumor every time you refresh your home page.

The rumors were even pinpointing dates for the wedding. Reports were saying that they were planning to get married this summer for sure, but multiple sources just shot it down saying “there is no evidence nor any single truth” to the rumors.

Part of the allure of Brangelina is that they aren’t married, even though they have like 1000 kids together, they still give off that singleton sex-appeal, doesn’t Angie “the wife” make her seem less-sexy somehow?

Wedding rumors have followed this couple FOREVER. They first ditched rumors in 2006, right after the birth of their child Shiloh, this was back when Angie was still “the other woman” and everyone was freaking out that Angie ruined Brad’s marriage and was making him give her babies.

Then in March of 2008, Star Magazine claims that they secretly got married in New Orleans. It was obviously just a rumor or a just a slow news week.

Then in August 2010, Angie told ABC news they would marry if their kids wanted them to, “I think it would be hard to say no to the kids.” So then OK! Magazine started wedding rumors based on this one quote.

They also supposedly had a “non-binding ceremony” during their November 2010 vacation in the Seychelles Islands and then stories began that this faux ceremony would lead to the real deal in early 2011. Reports were saying that the 2011 marriage would take place anywhere from Hungary to India. Some lol-worthy reports even said that the duo choose India because they had been practicing “couples yoga.”

With all that being said, do you guys think that Brad and Angie are gonna tie the knot this summer? Ya, we didn't either!