Billy Bob and Angelina Jolie to Reunite

July 21, 2008 By:
Billy Bob and Angelina Jolie to Reunite

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton might get back together. Ok, not really! But they might get together for an onscreen comedy.

Angie and her ex-husband Billy Bob met back in 1999 on the set of Pushing Tin and were married for 3 years.

According to Thornton, the two are still good friends and they are both up to working together again as long as it’s not as husband and wife.

He tells Maxim magazine, "We've talked about it plenty of times. I'm sure we will."

He adds, "We want to be really careful that we pick the right one. Maybe a comedy. In other words, we wouldn't want to do another movie about a husband-wife relationship. That probably wouldn't be very good."