Angelina's Fake Assistant Feeding Media Lies

June 2, 2008 By:
Angelina's Fake Assistant Feeding Media Lies

Last week Entertainment Tonight had an "exclusive" about Angelina Jolie giving birth, but Jolie is still very much pregnant. So what went wrong? According to, someone who claims to be Jolie's rep fed the story to ET.

Some woman impersonating Angelina’s longtime assistant Holly Goline used a fake Blackberry address to send erroneous reports to the press--for the past year! A year!! How does that go unnoticed??

Jolie's attorneys at Lavely & Singer are reportedly going to send letters to various media outlets explaining the situation.

Says the letter:

“A random individual has engaged in a scheme to intentionally harm my client and deceive her fans, the public and the media through illegal and tortuous impersonation of Ms Jolie’s long-time assistant, Holly.

“The individual who claims to be, and to whom the media has relied upon as, a ‘reliable source’ is not my client’s assistant, nor does the email address belong to my client’s assistant.”

This chick has way too much time on her hands. She basically devoted the last year of her life to sending media outlets bogus stories.