Angelina's Bodyguard To Write Revealing Tell-All

January 23, 2009 By:
Angelina's Bodyguard To Write Revealing Tell-All

Maybe Angelina Jolie didn’t give her former bodyguard a big enough Christmas bonus, because he is out to get her!

Mickey Brett, Angie’s ex-bodyguard, is allegedly writing a tell-all book on his former boss. He worked for her from 2000-2007, and was around when Brad Pitt came into Angie’s life.

An publishing insider tells In Touch Weekly magazine, "He knows everything about Angelina. It's going to be one of the most explosive books ever written."

Mickey may have the story down, but he’s getting some help from a ghostwriter, who says to the UK’s Grazia magazine, “This is going to be a very revelatory book…Why would he not write about [her meeting Brad]? She knows the truth about it so why would it upset her?”

So why now for the ex-bodyguard? He put in so much time with Brad and Angie, just to turn around and backstab them? Well that’s where the good part comes in.

Brad allegedly fired Brett last year, for unknown reasons. But In Touch reports that during his entire employment, Brett never signed a confidentiality report, which means he may in the clear to write his book.

The insider also tells the publication, "It will include all the sordid details of how they got together while Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston."

In Touch reports that Angelina is already seeking legal counsel to block Brett’s book. It’s looking more and more like Brangelina has something to hide! In the words of Jennifer Aniston, that is so "uncool. "