Angelina Loves The Challenge Of Twins

June 12, 2008 By:
Angelina Loves The Challenge Of Twins

Angelina Jolie
is set to give birth any day now and she says having twins is gonna be a challenge. But don't worry about Angie, she also says that the couple loves challenges. She also says that Brad's parents are ready to be on call to help them out with the 6 kids they're about to have in the house.

She tells Entertainment Weekly, "We weren't expecting twins... but we like a challenge.

"(Brad's) mom and dad are on standby to come out (to France) and help."

Also, don't think Angie is gonna forget about the rest of her kids because she's giving birth to twins. She's ready to put them to work too! She says, "They're old enough to feel included, to change diapers themselves, to feed bottles themselves.

"We're trying to find ways where it can be a fun group thing... Everybody gets special time."

Jolie has gone missing after the Cannes Film Festival. We wouldn't be surprised if she already gave birth and is just chilling at the super big château they are staying at. It's not like anyone could even see them cause that house is so BIG!

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