Angelina Jolie's Film Ban Lifted!

October 18, 2010 By:
Angelina Jolie's Film Ban Lifted!

Angelina Jolie can breath a sigh of relief as the ban of her film has been lifted.

Jolie has been approved to start filming in Bosnia next month after it was initially banned. The reason the government had banned the film was because there was no screenplay attached to the application.

Many gossip websites started spreading rumors claiming that it was banned because of the plot involving a rape victim who falls in love with her captor.

“The script has been approved and they are back on schedule to film in Bosnia next month," the government source told "Everyone is relieved,” adds the insider. "Jolie feels like a huge weight has been lifted off the team's shoulders. It's great news."

Meanwhile, Angie and Brad have been on the set of the film showing all sorts of PDA. Clearly, there is no trouble in their relationship.