Angelina Jolie To Play Heroine In Crime Movie

April 22, 2009 By:
Angelina Jolie To Play Heroine In Crime Movie

Angelina Jolie has just signed on for the role of the heroine in a film based on Patricia Cornwell’s best-selling crime novels.

According to Variety, Angie will play the beautiful Dr. Kay Scarpetta in the film adapted from several of the books in the 16-novel series.

The movie won’t just follow one of the books, which is similar to how the Bourne movies with Matt Damon were taken from several of Robert Ludlum books.

In Cornwell's books, Scarpetta starts out as the chief medical examiner for Virginia and later relocates to various East Coast states to become a private forensic consultant.

No screen writer or director has been chosen as of yet, which is partially in part to Cornwell being very protective over her work. But when Angelina shows interest, how does one say no?

It may be a couple of years before we see the movie come to life. In the meantime, we can look forward to her starring in the sequels of both Kung Fu Panda and Wanted.