Angelina Jolie Suffering From Ankle Injury

April 24, 2008 By:
Angelina Jolie Suffering From Ankle Injury

It doesn’t really matter if she’s pregnant or not, Angelina Jolie doesn’t really ever slow down. She shoots movies, flies airplanes and even helps save the world so its only natural that she’s going to run into some problems.

Angie has reportedly suffered from an ankle injury which has caused her legs to swell up and its got everyone worried because the swelling won’t go down. Angie had to fly from Texas to LA to have her own docs check out her ankle because of the swelling, which caused her to feel ill.

“At first she thought it was just a twisted ankle or something,” a source told Life & Style Magazine. “But everyone was worried because of the pregnancy and previous problems she’s had with leg swelling.

“Angelina didn’t want to take any chances, and everyone agreed. Brad was really worried.”

Flying didn’t do justice for Angie because while flying back “she was getting really wobbly and starting to feel sick.”
They were about to make an emergency landing but Angie is such a tough cookie that she insisted they continue with the flight to Los Angeles. She got to LA and all is good now.

Isn’t it funny that a not so interesting story was made into this big ordeal by a tabloid magazine? The girl just had a swollen ankle, which isn't really a big deal, but the magazine turned it into this heroic tale. Funny.