Angelina Jolie Smothered Her Kids With Love

February 3, 2012 By:
Angelina Jolie Smothered Her Kids With Love

When you’re Angelina Jolie, every day is bring your kids to work day. And Angelina says that In The Land of Blood and Honey was so depressing, it made her want to smother her kids with affection.

“They liked to visit the set and play in the fake snow,” Angelina explained of her brood. “I was always so happy to see them I probably smothered them with love because of the subject matter I was dealing with. They brought levity and love to something that was so dark.”

Okay, I know this is on a smaller scale, but I know exactly what she means. Because every time I see that damn Sarah Mclaughlin ASPCA commercial, I cry and go hug my cat and I’m like, “Not you, though, Rudy. Not you.”

Anyway, Jolie says that sometimes the kids weren’t allowed on set because “we were filming scenes that weren’t appropriate for children.”

Don’t know if you’ve seen it, but In the Land of Blood and Honey is not exactly Kung Fu Panda 2.

“Whenever I called cut and we had a break, the kids would come and play soccer with the cast and we'd all laugh.”

And you know how Angelina always looks upset on the red carpet? It might be because of this:

“I have moments when I burst out crying and I don't know why, and sometimes I can't sleep at nights but at least I feel I can do something to be part of the solution."

The United Nations Goodwill Ambassador says: “If I wasn't able to somehow bring attention to issues when I go to other countries, it would weigh on me heavily.”

I guess when you’re contemplating the atrocities of the world it’s kind of hard to answer questions like, ‘If you could smooch any actor besides Brad, who would it be?!’