Angelina Jolie Rejected James Bond

August 2, 2010 By:
Angelina Jolie Rejected James Bond

Angelina Jolie is one of the world's most sexiest women--but was she tooooo sexy for Bond?

Jolie explained that she was offered the role of girl in Casino Royale, but she turned it down because she wanted Daniel Craig's part instead.

“They wanted me to play a Bond girl in Casino Royale,” explained Jolie, who stars in new action movie Salt. “I said, ‘Actually, I’d prefer to play him; I’d rather be Bond.’ It was a joke — kind of. It was an interesting conversation.

She added, “Salt is nothing like Bond. In so many spy films women are femme fatales and we wanted to avoid that. My character doesn’t use her sexuality to get anything. It’s the roughest I’ve looked. When we fight, it gets ugly. Somebody breaks my nose in the film. It’s not pretty.

She had some advice for future screenwriters, “I think when people write things for women — at least with the films I’ve done in the past, such as Tomb Raider — they’re not serious. They’re not raw. They’re not hard. So when we wanted a real female action hero, we looked towards something that wasn’t written for a woman.”

The Bond Girl role eventually went to Vesper Lynd and Eva Green. Guess it takes two hot girls to make up for one Angelina.