Angelina Jolie Pregnant Again?

April 15, 2009 By:
Angelina Jolie Pregnant Again?

Here we go again! Could Angelina Jolie be expecting baby #7? According to new reports that answer is YES--and the actress is reportedly 2.5 months pregnant!

Star magazine reports that Angie and Brad Pitt are expecting lucky baby #7. "Yes, Angie is pregnant," a family insider tells Star.

"They'd been trying for another baby for months, but it was still a total shock when she found out. Brad and Angie have been fighting so much lately, it just didn't seem possible."

A source close to the actress confirms that Angie is about two and a half months along. "She's thrilled. She said she knew she was pregnant before the test confirmed it!"

Women usually keep their pregnancy hush hush until their first trimester is over, so we're wondering how Star magazine knows she's pregnant before anyone else.

Angie's currently working on her spy thriller Salt, in which she does a lot of her own stunts. Unless Star knew about her pregnancy before Angelina did, we doubt she'd be climbing walls and dangling off of buildings if she was actually pregnant. What do you think?