Angelina Jolie: My Kids' Poop Keeps Me Grounded

January 22, 2013 By:
Angelina Jolie: My Kids' Poop Keeps Me Grounded
Image By: Splash News


Angelina Jolie wants you to know that she’s just like you.

Aside from being super talented, super attractive, and probably better than you at just about everything, the Maleficent star and her husband-to-be, Brad Pitt, are totally average. At least in her eyes.

In a recent interview Jolie gave to the UK’s Total Film magazine, she conveyed this message to readers. What keeps her so grounded, you ask? Poop, duh…

“The great thing about having a bunch of kids is they just remind you that you're the person who takes them to go poop!” she said.

Jolie insists that even though their parents have super cool jobs, her kids are actually growing up in a stable and happy environment.

“We have a very normal, very grounded home,” she said. “And we're friends, and we have a laugh with our kids.”

All the tabloids, rumors, and constant attention that come with being at the top of the celebrity food chain, she says, “We just shut it out.” 

“We just explain to our kids that people like to take pictures of people who make movies,” she said. “And that's all it is. It's not anything special about mommy and daddy - we just happen to make movies.”