Angelina Jolie Movie Posters Banned

September 3, 2008 By:
Angelina Jolie Movie Posters Banned

Angelina Jolie
not only looked hot in the movie Wanted, but she was also a total badass. But the British think she might be just a little too violent in the film, because they've banned all the movie posters in England. The promo shot features Jolie Sprawled across a car wielding a gun. Doesn't sound like anything we haven't seen before, but apparently the Brits think otherwise.

A statement from Britain's Advertising Standards Authority reads: "We acknowledged most viewers would understand the posters reflected the content of an action film. However, we considered that because the ads featured a glamorous actress, action poses, several images of or related to guns and aspirational text, they could be seen to glamorize the use of guns and violence. We concluded they could be seen to condone violence by glorifying or glamorizing the use of guns. We have seen a proliferation of complaints from the public about advertising which is seen to condone gun or knife crime. We are responding to the level of consumer concern."

We don't see the difference between that movie poster and most thriller or violence-based movies. Do you?