Angelina Jolie Manipulates Media

November 21, 2008 By:
Angelina Jolie Manipulates Media

Like any star, Angelina Jolie wants only good things to be written about her family and her so what does she do? She makes really smart and calculated moves!

According to a new article written by the New York Times Angelina Jolie is the queen of making deals that result in positive press.

The mag writes that Angie sold her newborn pics to people magazine for $14 million and a promise for only positive press in the future. People is denying it but chances are it's true!

Apparently, Angie is the queen of manipulating the media. She does it like no other without a publicist or an agent. All she has is her manager, lawyer and herself. Smart girl!

“She’s scary smart,” said Bonnie Fuller, the former editor of Us Weekly and Star magazines. “But smart only takes you so far. She also has an amazing knack, perhaps more than any other star, for knowing how to shape a public image.”

Angie is definitely one smart cookie! She did go from being known as a home-wrecker to a loving mother of 6. That must have been a lot of work on her behalf.