Angelina Jolie Gets a New Tattoo: "It's For Brad!"

July 10, 2010 By:
Angelina Jolie Gets a New Tattoo:

Angelina Jolie already has about a dozen tattoos, so what's one more, right?

Angie admits she recently got a new tattoo in a very intimate spot--her inner thigh.

"Ohh, it's for Brad," she said coyly when asked about the tattoo by MTV News Friday. "It is something for Brad."

"I actually think it's important to be completely honest, however difficult that may be," she recently said. "I'm bad at hiding secrets anyway."

We can't figure out if these two still have wild crazy sex or if it's all for show. They're pretty great at manipulating the media, so we wouldn't put anything past these two. What do you think?