Angelina Jolie Defends Controversial Film

October 15, 2010 By:
Angelina Jolie Defends Controversial Film

Angelina Jolie started working on her first film as a director this month and she's already in the center of controversy.

Angie has been getting heat from critics over the content of the film, but she has come forward to tell the critics to back off and not rush into judgment without seeing the film.

The film focuses on a Serbian rapist and his Muslim captive who meet on the eve of the war and the effect the war has on their relationship.

The Women Victims of War raised concerned over the film and said that it was "misleading history,” but Angelina is asking the group to not judge without seeing the film.

"Don't judge me before you see the film…Obviously any dramatic interpretation will always fail those who have had a real experience. This is not a documentary."

She added, "There are many twists in the plot that address the sensitive nature of the relationship between the main characters, and that will be revealed once the film is released."

Meanwhile, Brad has been a really supportive boyfriend by visiting Angie on set. The two were even spotted exchanging kisses.