Angelina Jolie Banned from Bosnia

October 14, 2010 By:
Angelina Jolie Banned from Bosnia

Angelina Jolie has been to countless countries all over the world, and her presence is generally welcomed with open arms. But not in Bosnia.

The actress-turned-director has reportedly been banned from filming her new film in Bosnia. Authorities withdrew her permission to work in the country.

According to the Daily Mail, the film’s content has outraged politicians and women's groups in the country. The movie is about a Bosnian muslim woman who falls for the Serbian soldier who rapes her during the bitter Balkans war.

Bosnia's Federal Ministry of Culture announced the ban yesterday after the country's leading women's group - Women: War Victims - launched a formal protest.

Culture Minister Gavrilo Grahovac has since signed a petition to ban filming.

“We will only give them a permit to film if we can see the script and it shows us the story is not one that insults Bosnian women, victims of war,” Minister Grahovac said.

Authorities are afraid that the movie will reignite decades old grievances and conflicts.

“With one film, Angelina Jolie is in danger of restarting the war all over again all by herself,” said one official.

We understand the concern of the Bosnian women, but we’re sure Jolie is trying to bring those issues to light with her film—many people don’t realize what happened during the war. Films like this are supposed to educate, and we hope Angie is able to carry out her plan as a first-time director.