Angelina Explains Why Her Relationship with Brad Works

August 2, 2010 By:
Angelina Explains Why Her Relationship with Brad Works

Angelina Jolie's latest movie Salt isn't exactly kicking ass at the box office, so she's on promotional overload trying to help sales. And what better way to stay in the press than by talking about her personal life with Brad Pitt?!

Jolie sat down with Live magazine to talk about her man, her love life and why the laugh off tabloid reports. She explained: “We’re great. And we can laugh about most of the things written about us because we’re OK.”

When asked about life with Brad, she gushed, “He’s strong, intelligent, he’s sensitive – and he’s a real man, in all the best ways that can mean.”

With six kids and two careers, it must be hard finding QT to spend with each other, but Brangelina has a foolproof plan--scheduled date nights.

“We actually schedule them. We just had one the other night and we went next door so we didn’t have to worry about the paparazzi and the kids didn’t know where we were. We have a house that has two sections so we go to the part that’s normally the studio and the office and just have dinner as a couple. If you can hold it together – which is hard these days and a lot of people separate – then you have to work at it, and you have to make that time when you are not Mum and Dad once in a while.”

Can you believe these two have already been together for five years?! Time certainly flies.