Angelina Encouraging Drew Barrymore to Adopt

January 13, 2009 By:
Angelina Encouraging Drew Barrymore to Adopt

Drew Barrymore, 33, is ready for motherhood, but with no husband in sight, she's had to put babies on the back burner.

Drew has expressed interest in becoming a mother for a few years now. Back in 2006 she told InStyle magazine, "I definitely feel the beginnings of a tick tock. Whether I have children or adopt – whatever form a family comes in, I would absolutely love to have it."

Well that clock is ticking louder than ever now because during the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, Drew was reportedly overheard asking Angelina Jolie, 33, advice on motherhood.

"My biological clock is ticking so loud it sounds like a drum. I want kids so bad, but with no husband prospects around, I am thinking of adopting," Drew told Angie.

Angelina and Drew then exchanged phone numbers and Angie told her she would be happy to talk to her about adoption and assist her if she had more questions.

Gotta love these "she was overheard stories." It makes you wonder if partygoers walk around with tape recorders or note pads. There was a lot of champagne going around at the Golden Globes, so we're hoping this story wasn't a figment of someone's imagination.

But if there is truth to the story, she certainly went to a good source. Drew and Angie are the same age, but Angie is already a mother of six. Can you see Drew as a mother?